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Test 2 sprawdza angielski na poziomie A-2 i kwalifikuje na poziom B-1.

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Zanim zaczniesz pisać test diagnostyczny, uzupełnij swoje dane w rubrykach powyżej.

Wpisz swoje imię i nazwisko w rubryce Name oraz adres mailowy w rubryce Email

Jeżeli chcesz, możesz podać telefon kontatkowy w rubryce Telephone.

Dzięki podanemu adresowi email (lub telefonowi) będziemy się mogli z Tobą skontaktować i pomóc w wyborze kursu.


Jeżeli masz problem z udzieleniem odpowiedzi na niektóre pytania, możesz te pytania pominąć.  Jednakże najlepiej będzie, jeżeli udzielisz odpowiedzi na możliwie największą ilość pytań.   

Na końcu testu jest pytanie antyspamowe np. 'Ile oczu ma człowiek'. Odpowiedz na nie, wpisując odpowiednią cyfrę i wciśnij przycisk 'Check my Results'. 




Part 1: Multiple Choice


1. He doesn't like going to volleyball matches on _______. He likes going there with friends. 

2. Mary didn't say anything but her husband _______. 

3. He drank two glasses of mineral water in _______ thirsty. 

4. Tom takes care of himself and Mary takes care of herself. They take care _______. 

5. I can see only one of my new gloves on this chair. Where is _______? Do you know?

6. When he graduated from university, he _______ his own business.

7. ' _______ the cinema tomorrow evening?' - 'I'd love to, but I can't. Sorry.'

8. 'What _______ in this room in two years?'  - 'I have no idea.'

9. How will you feel if she _______ the sad truth about Adam?

10. While Patrick _______ the piano, his wife prepared dinner.

11. He was a pianist but he didn't _______ by playing the piano.

12. Mary lets her son _______ in the rain. It boosts his immunity to colds.

13. 'Why didn't you answer my phone at 6 pm?' - 'I couldn't hear your phone because I _______ in the wall.'

14. His wife wants him to go to work and do all the housework but she doesn't do anything. I think she _______. 

15. She could _______ understand why he didn't want to talk to her.

16. His wife wanted _______ his mother-in-law.

17. She was a woman in her fifties who _______ long and wavy.

18. I don't know what to think of what he said. He _______ the truth. I have no idea.

19. Jim was a middle-aged man _______.

20. He married Samantha five years ago so they _______ for five years now.

21. He _______ as a web designer for ten years. Then he got promoted to head of the department.

22. 'Whose are these clothes?' - 'They are neither _______. Perhaps they are your sister's.

23. 'My computer has crashed.' - 'Will you _______ it yourself?'

24. My friends have already been to London but I _______ .

25. You should wait in the departure lounge _______ is called.

26. Before they moved to London, they _______ in Leeds for three years.

27. There were _______ in the jacuzzi today than yesterday.

28. Fred was _______ than his younger brother.

29. Following her advice paid off, _______?

30. The novel is about a spy _______ gave him away.

Part 2: Vocabulary

Przetłumacz słowa wpisane  pochyłym drukiem  na język angielski. Spójrz na przykład poniżej.


0) 'His  ulubiony kolor jest  green.   favourite colour is



1) 'Has he been to Rome yet?' - 'Yes, he has. Był tam trzy  years ago.'
2) Explain to her  dlaczego ona nie musi  study French.
3) He asked  czy my pojedziemy  on holiday in July.
4) His shirts  będą uprasowane  in two hours.
5) While she  czytała książkę  he cooked dinner. 


Part 3: Missing Words

Wpisz brakujące słowa do poniższych zdań. 


1) I always try ______ clothes before I buy them. I want to make sure they fit me.
2) They say Wales is famous ______ its beautiful scenery.
3) 'Hello, can I speak to Bob, please?' - 'Hold ______ a moment. He is coming in a minute.'
4) He always takes ______ his shoes when he enters his new bungalow.
5) He is diligent and responsible. He could be ______ ideal husband.
6) Is the flat big enough? How many ______ are there?
7) She can ______ beautiful pictures of flowers with her camera.
8) Sam is very ______. He only cares about himself and never thinks about other people.
9) I think you have what it ______ to be a champion.
10) If he ______ an engineer, he will design machines.
11) The teachers thought that Jim was cleverer than ______ children.
12) She told him not to come back home ______ a new dress for her.
13) You have to ______ attention when you grind meat. It can be dangerous.
14) He was a man of average ______. He wasn't very tall.
15) Is he ready to do anything to make his dreams ______ true?


Ile oczu ma człowiek? (np.: 4)

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