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Test 4 sprawdza angielski na poziomie B-2 i kwalifikuje na poziom C-1.


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Zanim zaczniesz pisać test diagnostyczny, uzupełnij swoje dane w rubrykach powyżej.

Wpisz swoje imię i nazwisko w rubryce Name oraz adres mailowy w rubryce Email

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Jeżeli masz problem z udzieleniem odpowiedzi na niektóre pytania, możesz te pytania pominąć.  Jednakże najlepiej będzie, jeżeli udzielisz odpowiedzi na możliwie największą ilość pytań.   

Na końcu testu jest pytanie antyspamowe np. 'Ile oczu ma człowiek'. Odpowiedz na nie, wpisując odpowiednią cyfrę i wciśnij przycisk 'Check my Results'. 



Part 1: Multiple Choice


1. I advise you to take a swimsuit in case ______ a pool at the hotel.

2. The dangers included ______ weather conditions.

3. He is said ______ slim when he was younger.

4. It must ______ during the night. The roads are very wet.

5. I really don't know what they were doing on Friday. They ______ hiking.

6. Move that rucksack from the way – someone may ______ over it.

7. We spent the day ______ round the city and looking at shop windows.

8. You _____ bought the apples. We've got plenty of them!

9. Scarcely had his ankle ______ he broke it again.

10. Mr Smith’s fields ____ a bountiful crop this year, so there is a lot to be thankful for.

11. But how could you be sure he would ______ behind bars anyway.  You should have more faith in people.

12. Over the last three years many people _____ in air disasters.

13. Saturated _____, the market was far from being stable.

14. The Order of the British Empire has been _____  to James Williams.

15. Jennifer enjoys raw fruit, _____ Simon likes it only baked.

16. Henry was _____ clean up although he hated the idea.

17. Susan would rather you ______ now. Can you come later?

18. She wishes she _______ to the meeting last Monday.  Avoiding the people turned out a big mistake.

19. He is 19 years old, it’s true, but he is ______ mature.

20. You shouldn’t have _____ such a good offer.

Part 2: Key-Word Transformations

Paraphrase each ot the sentences with the suggested key words in such a way that the meaning is not changed. 


 1.The car was too expensive for Sam. ENOUGH
 1.  Sam didn't     the car
 2. A mechanic repaired his car for 500 euros. BY
 2.  He      a mechanic for 500 euros.
 3. He described the hotel to us in detail. DETAILED
 3.  He      of the hotel.
 4. She didn’t find it difficult to pass her driving test. DIFFICULTY
 4.  Sha had      her driving test.
 5. People believe that Jane was the most beautiful girl in town. BELIEVED
 5.  Jane      the most beautiful girl in town.
 6. It is not usual for us to get up so early. USED
 6.  We are     so early.
 7. A painter is redecorating their house for them. REDECORATED
 7.  They are     by a painter.


Part 3: Verb Forms

Complete the sentences putting the correct forms of the verbs in the gaps.  

 1. Nothing bad (happen)     if she had been more careful.
 2. I wish I (not buy)     that house. It was a big mistake.
 3. If the wallet (not find)     we would have lost all our money.

Part 4: Prepositions


1) I prefer films with subtitles _____ films with dubbing.
2) They arrived _____ Sydney with only 27 cents in their pockets.
3) There are a lot of young girls that look _____ to her. She's their role model.
4) I’m exhausted. I could do _____ a few days off.
5) His appetite was formidable, so I helped him ______ more cakes.
6) Mr Green, my neighbour, pretended he was a policeman and I fell ______ it.
7) He was so ill that we thought he wouldn’t pull ______.
8) The United Nations want to negotiate. Military action has been ruled ______.
9) The manager told her ______ for neglecting her duties.
10) If you don’t wrap up warm, you will get ______ with flu. I am warning you!

Part 5: Word Forms

Transform the words in italics into correct forms so that they complete each of the sentences. 


1) It was last August when the contestants competitive against other teams.
2) All of these muscles are activated and  strength  during exercise.
3) How much time do you need to  familiar  yourself with my schedule?
4) The procedures might  simple  the process of delivering relevant content.
5) They can’t protect us from the dangers of our own  stupid  and ignorance.
6) I am appalled at and their  refuse  to admit their mistakes
7) The relatively small  wide  of the bed enabled him to sleep comfortably.
8) There was hardly any  resemble  between the two objects.
9) The markets remained  caution  optimistic about the euro.
10) Don't be  foolish  by companies pretending to sell pure coconut oil.

Part 6: Open Cloze

Complete the gaps in the text with one word each. Write the answers in the boxes below.


I was born in one of the most interesting cities in Malaysia.  It has a rich, colourful history and many parts of the city (1) __________ hardly changed at all during the last five centuries.  However, nowadays, it is no (2) __________ the trade centre that it once (3) __________.  It is difficult to imagine that at one time its harbour (4) __________ to be visited by over 2,000 ships a week, and that the huge warehouses along the quayside would have (5) __________ full of spices and silks, jewels and tea. 



The old city centre is small which (6) __________ it very easy to explore on (7) __________ .  A river neatly divides the town, (8) __________ only physically but in spirit too.  On one side, you find a (9) __________ many grand houses, but immediately you cross the river, you find (10) __________ in ancient Chinatown, which is where you really take a step back into the past.




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