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Test 3 sprawdza angielski na poziomie B-1 i kwalifikuje na poziom B-2.


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Zanim zaczniesz pisać test diagnostyczny, uzupełnij swoje dane w rubrykach powyżej.

Wpisz swoje imię i nazwisko w rubryce Name oraz adres mailowy w rubryce Email

Jeżeli chcesz, możesz podać telefon kontatkowy w rubryce Telephone.

Dzięki podanemu adresowi email (lub telefonowi) będziemy się mogli z Tobą skontaktować i pomóc w wyborze kursu.


Jeżeli masz problem z udzieleniem odpowiedzi na niektóre pytania, możesz te pytania pominąć.  Jednakże najlepiej będzie, jeżeli udzielisz odpowiedzi na możliwie największą ilość pytań.   

Na końcu testu jest pytanie antyspamowe np. 'Ile oczu ma człowiek'. Odpowiedz na nie, wpisując odpowiednią cyfrę i wciśnij przycisk 'Check my Results'. 




Part 1: Multiple Choice


1. They _______ fresh ingredients to cook their meals since 1999.

2. The tickets are usually cheaper if you _______.

3. I'm looking forward to next week. Next Friday afternoon I _______ in my own pool.

4. We found out that the 18th century windows of his mansion _______ well preserved.

5. 'She wouldn't like to be involved in this.' - 'Neither _______.

6. 'You look very tired.' - 'I _______ the chores since early morning.'

7. If you tidy up your room today, you _______ do it tomorrow.

8. I don't feel like translating the text. Will it really _______?

9. If you want to apply for the job you have to _______ this form.

10. She asked him if the flight _______.

11. I love travelling but I didn't _______ in the summer. Too much work.

12. She couldn't say no to the invitation. Everything _______ .

13. I have _______ person that you spoke to the other day.

14. Languages that we speak are _______ humans. Animals cannot actually speak.

15. Where is _______ that I bought last Wednesday? I want to return it and get a refund.

16. Tom asked Monika if she _______ the book since early morning.

17. 'Angelica usually has breakfast in bed, _______?' - 'I think so but I'm not sure.'

18. 'Where do you want to travel this summer?' - '_______ hot. I haven't chosen yet.'  

19. She asked her seventy-seven-year old grandfather when _______.  

20. While he was sleeping his dog _______ to fetch different objects.

21. He wants to know why _______ cook.

22. We were trying hard but getting nowhere. Our time _______ on doing impossible things.

23. We listened to her story. It _______ incredible than his story. 

24. I still don't know what I should do. I _______ about it for the last two weeks.

25. _______ people attended the conference. We were disappointed by the numbers.

26. Life in the city means breathing _______ fumes rather than fresh air.

27. If he still has a habit of slurping soup or licking his fingers he _______ good table manners yet.

28. He speaks very good English. He _______ Oxford University.

29. When she _______ fifty years old, she will have to set up her own business.

30. She couldn't live with the man any longer because he had _______ her.

31. She is said _______ swim and I think she will never learn.

32. _______ largest of the Hawaiian islands is Maui.

33. Would you change your attitude to them if _______ kinder to you?

34. 'Does this dress _______ me? Shall I buy it?' - 'I think it goes with the colour of your eyes.'

35. I can't play it now at my old age but I _______ to play the piano when I was 20.

36. When she broke up with her boyfriend, she fell in love with _______ man who was a bit older than her.

37. They are the people _______ dogs sleep in an old car in the garage.

38. Her computer has crashed. She will have _______.

39. Shall I buy that blue dress?' - 'You _______ buy the red one.'

40. They settled down _______ England close to Southampton.

Part 2: Vocabulary


Complete the sentences translating the phrases in italics  into English.


1) How long  jesteś  married?
2) When  zacząłeś  playing the violin?
3) Właśnie kupiłem a new dress for you. Here it is.
4) Znam go  for seventeen years.
5) Kiedy byliście  at the theatre with my parents?
6) She said she  kupi  a new dress next Friday. 
7) Tell me what ona nie rozumie
8) He asked her  czy ona zapomniała  everything.
9) The dishes  są myte  at the moment.
10) If she  zobaczyła ich  today, she would be surprised.


Part 3: Articles


(1) The number of _____ homeless is constantly increasing.
(2) We all know water is essential for _____ life.
(3) I can't play tennis. I have to practise _____ piano right now.
(4) What a clever man! What _____ brilliant ideas he has!
(5) She started her singing career in _____ 1960s.


(6) I like your car. _____ dashboard is like in  a  space craft.


(7) They settled down in _____ southern France. Not in the north.


(8) _____ Carpathian Mountains are in Central Europe.


(9) _____ French who live in Canada speak English.


(10) Panama is _____ country in Central America.


Part 4: Prepositions


Write down the missing prepositions (in/at/with/for/of/before, etc.) in the boxes provided. 


1) She takes _____ her mother. She’s got the same eyes and nose.
2) Public transport, _____ the other hand, is cheaper than in London.
3) She succeeded _____ escaping from danger.
4) Mr Jenkins suffers _____ a rare brain disorder.
5) He suspected his wife ____ visiting me privately.
6) She wants everybody to call her _____ her first name.
7) You look ill. Why don’t you take a few days _____?
8) I think you should try _____ the jacket before you buy it.
9) They are going _____ a boat tour of the lake.
10) I’m a writer and I enjoy being _____ my own.


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